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Personalized Nutrition Programs

Metabolic Typing

A new paradigm in nutritional science that determines biochemical individuality.

A powerful way to manipulate food for personal health, by linking food ratios to physiological types. Your food contains thousands of compounds that your body uses as its "fuel for life." Your food can be your medicine or your poison. Living food has the power to heal. (see Conscious Eating, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Chapter 3, page 43)

Ayurvedic Doshas

The Ayurvedic healing system, which has been successfully used for thousands of years, recognizes the importance of the specific energies of foods and herbs in re-balancing and healing the body. In order to artfully develop an individualized diet, it is useful to be aware that different foods have specific effects on our body-mind complex.

Endocrine Type

Certain foods have specific stimulating effects on certain endocrine systems. If we eat foods that over stimulate key endocrine glands (e.g. thyroid, adrenal, gonadal and pituitary), eventually the gland becomes exhausted. The metabolic rate then slows down and we gain weight according to our endocrine type.

Blood Type

The only thing specifically worth paying attention to regarding blood type approach are certain high-lectin foods that may be detrimental to us if eaten in excess. The foods we want to minimize are those containing ‘lectins that are reactive with our blood type’.

Culinary Arts/Food Preparation

Sit in comfort as you watch your meals being prepared by your own personal nutritionist/chef. 
Experience hands-on food preparation and delicious raw (80%) plant based meals for your individual metabolic type, taste and nutritional needs. Learn through experience how to incorporate these healing foods into your everyday life, intentionally improving health and ideal weight.
Only plant based, organically grown whole food meals are prepared in our kitchen. Our herbs are organically grown or wild-harvested and have not been gassed or irradiated.

Use of supplements

Whole food nutrition can provide all the nutrients necessary. However, in the presence of chronic illness, when specific organs or glands require up-regulating and targeted nutrition, we recommend supplements on a temporary basis.

We recommend supplements that are free of tag-alongs (herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, heavy metals, fumigants, irradiation etc.). Nutrients contained in our supplements are cellular resonant for ideal DNA repair and protection not possible from old style isolated vitamins and minerals products. We use excipient-free products made with 100% pure vegetable capsules (more information).


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